Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Art of Arrival

With so much boring repetition in TV commercials, I love to see a corporation take a bold creative step that still makes a strong, well-directed brand statement. ANA Airlines, from Japan, has done just that in a very refreshing way. In "The Art of Arrival", they have adopted the style of anime, Japan's unique animation genre known for its imaginative, dramatic stories and its cinematic style to convey the feeling of freedom and joy that travel on ANA Airlines can bring.

The Art of Arrival concept itself is wonderful, because of the self-awareness it shows. We all know that unlike other forms of travel, with even the best air travel the journey itself is never the reward. The arrival is the joyous part, and they've captured that joy.

Beyond concept, the execution on this commercial, from start to end, is absolutely fantastic. I had never heard of ANA Airlines before, but I will certainly remember them now. "The Art of Arrival" is a masterpiece of the art of branding!